Advice to Applicants

Thank you for your interest in working with us. I think you will find our approach to hospitality to be different from most other operators in the market, and we think this is the secret of our success. We believe the way to achieve the kind of business environment we want is to create a trusting relationship with our staff. In this atmosphere, both staff and the company can work out difficulties and make decisions together. We employ three levels of employees to allow for the most flexible scheduling possible:

Level One: These Associates are full time hourly, as well as salaried Associates. These associates are employed by our family and understand
that this is their main source of income, as well as it is our family’s main source of income.

Level Two: These associates work part time, some of them have set hours, and some of them don’t. They usually want 15-25 hours per week.
These associates are part of our Kitchen, Cafe, Office, and Catering Departments.

Level Three: These associates either work full time or part time elsewhere, or want to work part time. These associates usually don’t rely on
their income from our company as their main source of income. We provide a calendar for the upcoming month via Webstaffing and the associate notifies us back of his/her availability.

We are not just another foodservice company, and we are not looking for just another applicant. This letter will give you some ideas of what to expect and how to proceed from here.

1. Do not try to complete this application now. Please take it home, give it some thought and take your time with it. Be sure to fill it out completely, even if you enclose a resume. If a question does not apply to you, mark it “NA” so we know you didn’t avoid the answer. Foodservice is a business of details, and we will only consider people who share our concern about the importance of handling all the small points.

2. We will verify all information you give us on the application. Any false or misleading statements will disqualify you from consideration, no matter how talented you may be.

3. We are committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace. This means that we do not tolerate the possession of drugs or alcohol on the premises, nor do we permit our staff to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We reserve the right to use random drug testing procedures. Signing this application gives Grandview Management/Zilli Hospitality Group permission to perform pre-employment drug testing.

4. We will verify all of your references. If we cannot check your references, we cannot consider you for employment. By signing this application, you give us permission to check your references.

5. When you have completed the application, we will contact you for an interview if we feel you have what we are looking for in a ZHG Associate. Based on our observations, your test results and a review of your application, we will notify you about the status of your application.

6. We take staff selection very seriously. If you are a final candidate, you can expect a follow-up interview, possibly a demonstration test or you may be asked to tell us how you would handle some “sticky” situations. We will not take a “warm body” to quickly fill a vacancy. Please be patient. We go to this trouble because our goals and standards are very high. If you are good enough to become part of our team, you are an outstanding individual.

7. We are an equal opportunity employer (EEO/AA M/W/V/D), and we select only qualified applicants for every position. Period. We will not discourage you from applying for any position you feel qualified for. We will make selections based on what strengths you bring to our team and how you fit into our operating style. We are looking for people committed to professional excellence and exceptional guest service, which will make a positive contribution to our company for as long as we choose to work together.

8. We expect you to take an active role in your own success and the successes of your co-workers. Toward this end, it will be part of your job responsibilities to help train your co-workers for positions of higher skill and responsibility. Because of this focus, we will evaluate your performance based not only on your own professional development, but also by the advancement of your trainees.

9. We will regularly evaluate your performance so you know where you stand and how you are doing. We will also ask you to evaluate the effectiveness of your supervisors, and this will become part of their performance review.

10. Our success comes from exceeding our guest’s expectations every time, and earning their regular patronage. Everything in our company is focused on achieving this goal. We do not believe in creating any more rules or structure than is necessary, to ensure that our guests have an outstanding experience and great time, every time they work with us. This means that there are no procedures to hide behind and that success is measured by your results rather than by your activities. There is nothing to “get away with”.

Thank you again for your interest and your time.

With best regards,

The Zilli Family

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